Precision agriculture and forestry using drones

Companies in the field of precision agriculture are increasingly relying on the support of autonomous airborne systems. The purpose is to identify differences in the soil and the productivity of an area, with a view to gathering information on plant vitality, making harvest forecasts and optimising the use of fertilisers, and thereby make energy and cost savings.

Combatting the European corn borer: UAVs are used for precision pest control, by assisting with the fully automated distribution of ichneumon flies (trichogramma).

Spraying: depending upon the size of the acreage, different types of UAV are suitable for the fully automated, accurate spreading of fertilisers and pesticides.

Drones can be used in renaturing and reforestation to produce precise automated records from the exact same position in each case. Unmanned aerial vehicles are also ideally suited for producing population inventories of wild animals or livestock, as well as locating game.

There are currently hardly any drones fitted with equipment ready for series production specifically for applying or spraying agricultural agent. That’s why BLADESCAPE is working closely with high-tech partners to develop and produce tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements; these include hoppers for the precise application of wasp larvae to combat caterpillar pests, and loudspeakers to disperse starlings. The UAV can therefore be adapted to meet specific customer requirements.

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