Drones in agriculture, forestry and viticulture

Precision farming is finding its way into agriculture and viticulture, with drones flying automated, pre-programmed routes, for example. These flights (accurate down to a few centimetres) can be repeated as often as needed.

Thanks to the drones, the degree of ripeness and the optimum harvesting time for field crops and vineyards are determined from the air, irrigation and fertiliser requirements are determined with pinpoint precision, areas of damage are located and pests are combated in a highly efficient manner. This is supported by multispectral and infrared (NIR) cameras mounted on the drone, along with specially constructed delivery equipment, e.g. for trichogramma.

Depending on the size and nature of the areas to be managed, there are various types of drone from different manufacturers that are suitable for use. When deployed, drones help to optimise the use of resources and reduce costs in a sustainable and ecologically friendly manner without interrupting the normal daily routine.

We would be pleased to give you more information on projects that have been successfully implemented under our full ‘precision farming’ package.

Our services
As a UAS complete solutions provider we support our customers every step of the way,
helping them to define requirements, procure the best airframes and suitable sensor systems, produce tailor-made special developments and operate the drones. In-depth evaluation of the data collected using scientific analysis tools in close cooperation with universities along with big data management complete our range of services.

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