Surveying & photogrammetry with drones

In drone based surveying, special sensors are used to collect image data of areas with very high detail accuracy. We supplement these sensors with our laser distance measuring devices (Airborne Laser Scanning), which allow exact recording of terrain heights and objects.

A large number of vertically recorded images are combined by means of digital photogrammetric analysis to form a coherent, rectified aerial image. The accuracy is in the centimetre range and significantly below.

Even complex 3D models can be created from this data material. The ground resolution achieved in the sub-millimetre range is massively better than that of conventional manned flights or satellite images.

Concrete applications:

  • The drone based generation of 3D surface models (DOM) allows e.g. regular calculations of the extracted and stored volume (mass balances)
  • Surveying & georeferencing for the exact localization of impurities
  • Mapping
  • Geoinformation systems (GIS)
  • Digital terrain models (DGM)
  • 3D models & 3D visualization
  • Digital orthophoto
  • landfills, gravel pits, quarry, opencast mining

Our services
As a UAS complete solutions provider, we stand by our customers in every phase:
In the definition of requirements, selection of the optimal aircraft and the appropriate sensor technology for our mission, clarification of legal issues, customized special developments, operation of the drones by our team, as well as automated data analysis using artificial intelligence, documentation and big data management.

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