Precision viticulture & agriculture

The combination of multispectral, aerial images and samples taken from the vineyards produces highly informative maps to help optimise cultivation.

Drones, as a flying remote sensing platform, support the application of vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI) and derived maps of sugar, anthocyanin and acid content as well as treatment maps for optimising fertilisation and irrigation. From these, qualitative and quantitative crop forecasts can be derived as an important element of precision viticulture.

The unmanned systems of BLADESCAPE collect remote sensing data which are evaluated with the help of scientific analysis tools and in close cooperation with university research institutions. This provides the basis for valid statements on vine health, plant vitality and plant stress levels. The simultaneous possibility of starling expulsion complements the range of applications and service package.

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In precision agriculture, more and more use is being made of the support of autonomous systems from the air. The aim is to recognise the differences in soil and yield capacity within an area and from this to gain insights into plant vitality, to make harvest forecasts and to enable optimised fertiliser use. This is associated with measurable energy and cost savings.

Corn borer control: Fully automated application of ichneumon flies (Trichogramma) enables pests to be controlled with pinpoint accuracy using UAV.

Spraying: Depending on the size of the farmland, various types of UAV are suitable for fully automated, targeted application of fertiliser and pesticides.

In the course of renaturation and reforestation measures, drones can be used for automated documentation with pinpoint accuracy and from exactly the same position. Furthermore, unmanned aerial vehicle systems are also excellently suited for wildlife/utility animal inventories, as well as for locating wild animals and for swine fever missions.

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As a UAS Full Service Provider, we support our customers in every phase: from the selection of the appropriate equipment configuration, the operation of the drones in such a precise manner that the high demands of our data science team for high-quality data analysis are fully met, to big data management.

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