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Customers that are considering making their company or organisation more efficient, or safer using drones, are in good hands with BLADESCAPE. In a very complex, partly confusing market, it is difficult to maintain an overview and find a suitable provider for the individual requirements. Many just offer a single element: only the airframe or only the flight performance. Only the sensor system or only the data collection. Few of them understand how to tie together a results-oriented complete package. Of those that can, fewer still are able to call upon actual experience in the professional drones sector and its applications.

As one of these few, we have gained extensive expertise from some of the world’s leading companies in the field of unmanned, autonomous aerial vehicles (UAV) and its spectrum of industrial applications.

BLADESCAPE has set itself the goal of upholding professionalism in this dynamic, partially experimental market, and, as a full service provider, deliver results and recommendations of the highest quality to the customer. A comprehensive range of services allows to cover the individual requirements from a single source.

We offer our clients highly professional Support and services from an experienced Team.

Along with a UAV-experienced team of professional partners from production and development, science and research, and data analysis and processing, BLADESCAPE provides tailor-made solutions across the full spectrum of unmanned flight.

From many years of experience, the team is aware of the specific requirements of the individual segments on drone-based data capture, and knows that ultimately the UAV is not the end in itself, but rather the benefit the customer can gain from it.

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