UAS Complete Solutions Package

We are a multivendor company with long-standing 16 years experience in the field of commercial unmanned aviation and the related applications. This makes us an ideal partner when negotiating the maze of countless vendors and players that have recently entered the market.

Our  basic product packages in the area of digital inspection, surveying and condition recording have a modular structure. This enables individual, customized solutions to maximise customer benefit.

As part of our UAS Complete Solutions package and our one-stop shop concept, we undertake the following:

Defining and processing customer-specific requirements
Thanks to our many years of expertise with drones, we know what is important. We provide support in defining the performance customer require and developing the requirement profile. This way, customers only purchase what they actually need when the time arrives.

Search and selection of suitable UAV and sensor providers
As multivendor experts, we select equipment constellation that is precisely matched to customer requirements, thus providing maximum benefit of the technology to the user.

Execution of flight performance
Not only do we have very experienced and certified pilots in our team but, thanks to our extensive network, we also have an impressive range of drones and sensors. These include conventional VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAVs with flight endurance beyond 90 minutes and fixed-wing drones as well as ‘hybrid forms’ (VTOL fixed-wing or UAS with fly-and-drive mode) and special sensors (corona/gas sensors, GPR etc.) This therefore provides an excellent basis for both our highly-efficient flight performance and data collection, all to the very highest quality and precision standards, as required.

Data analysis and evaluation using artificial intelligence
This is probably the key step in achieving the desired result. Our team is made up of experienced specialists in the field of remote sensing, geodesy, artificial intelligence, data science and augmented reality. Proven experts provide professional support to help evaluate and interpret the data. This ensures that the customer benefits from added value in the form of state-of-the-art recommendations for action, including high-precision 3D modelling and 3D visualisation.

Documentation and data warehousing
In line with our one-stop shop concept, we also provide the customer with a range of services from high-quality, well-structured documentation to data warehousing/big data management.

Special design
You will find more information on the development, design and production of custom and special designs here.

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