Drones in Industry

The use of UAVs is set to revolutionise inspection, and maintenance as well as monitoring and hazard recognition in the industrial field.

This mainly concerns the prevention of plant outages and the detection and location of damage without time delay. In this way, plant down-time due to damage can be kept short.

Above all, highly inaccessible installations or larger areas can be inspected in an extremely cost-effective and efficient manner using drones. UAV-based inspection tasks do not require production, or delivery to be interrupted.

In the construction and oil industries, as well as in freight traffic (track inspection), UAVs also guarantee cost-effective, safe and highly efficient inspections. Different varieties of drones and UAVs will be used, dependent upon the nature and size of the installations.

Our services
As a full service provider we support our customers at every stage,
assisting with requirements definition, procurement of the best airframes and suitable sensor systems, the clarification of legal matters, tailor-made special developments, conducting test flights and operating the drones.

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