Drones in industry

The use of UAVs is set to revolutionise inspection, maintenance, monitoring and hazard recognition in the industrial field. Digitalisation is reinventing the efficient scanning of industrial buildings, both internally and externally, thanks to airborne laser scanning and the creation of digital twins.

This is mainly with a view to preventing plant outages and detecting and locating damage without time delay. This means plant downtimes caused by damage can be kept to a minimum.

Above all, difficult-to-access installations or larger areas can be inspected in an extremely cost-effective and efficient manner using drones. UAV-based inspection tasks do not require production or delivery to be interrupted; this is known as ‘predictive maintenance’.

In the construction and oil industries, as well as in freight traffic (track inspection), UAVs also guarantee cost-effective, safe and highly efficient inspections. Different varieties of drones and UAVs will be used, depending on the nature and size of the installations.

Our services
As a UAS complete solutions provider, we support our customers every step of the way,
helping them to define requirements, select the best aircraft and suitable sensor systems for the application in question, clarify legal matters, produce tailor-made special developments, and operate the drones with the help of our team, as well as providing automated data analysis (supported by artificial intelligence), professional documentation and big data management.

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