Drones in energy supply

For the maintenance of high-voltage masts and lines, wind turbines and photovoltaic installations, pipelines and dams, drones combined with special sensors make a significant contribution to allowing the personnel responsible to work efficiently and cost-effectively and without risk.
Outages during the inspection are not necessary; the lines can be checked under full load. This means minute cracks or material problems on high-voltage masts or lines can be detected.

Our services
As a UAS complete solutions provider we support our customers every step of the way, helping them to define requirements, select the best airframes and suitable sensor systems (e.g. UAV airborne laser scanners) for the specific application, clarify legal matters, produce tailor-made special developments, operate the drones with the help of our team, and provide automated data analysis (supported by artificial intelligence). Professional documentation and big data management complete our range of services.

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