Drones in Surveying

Whether for surveying streets, districts, building sites or quarries: for aerial survey, drones normally fly in automatic GPS flight mode over the area in question. Vertical pictures then provide the basis for photogrammetric post-production of the images. A ground resolution of a few cm per pixel helps to meet high demands.

The results are represented and processed as point clouds, volume calculations or cut edges. Somewhat larger UAVs fitted with laser scanners realise the advantages of airborne laser scanning, in particular for the production of digital ground models.

Our services
As a full service provider we support our customers at every stage,
assisting with requirements definition, procurement of the best airframes and suitable sensor systems, the clarification of legal matters, tailor-made special developments, conducting test flights and operating the drones. When processing the harvested data, we sometimes enlist the services of specialists from the field of geoinformatics if required.

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