Autonomous and automated

The flight planning method developed by BLADESCAPE (©BS-SCANalyzer) enables autonomous flights (VLOS and BVLOS) with the highest precision, reliability and, above all, profitability. Our airborne missions deliver inspection and measurement results with unprecedented quality and accuracy, but also with exact repeatability, which makes state surveys of assets and areas highly efficient.

It is the data quality attained that enables us to achieve significantly better results in many subjects compared to manned aerial surveys.

By using sense & avoid solutions, BLADESCAPE drives further the safety of unmanned systems and creates the basis for reliable and safe use for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) flights.

A manual review of these high-precision but extensive data regarding abnormalities would be inefficient and not feasible in time. BLADESCAPE uses evaluation algorithms, artificial intelligence and neural networks (©BS-SCANalyzer) to ensure an ever-increasing share of automated data analysis.

Due to the numerous projects completed for data acquisition using UAS, we have a valuable and comprehensive image and training database for the ongoing development of our own deep learning algorithm and thus the increasing reliability of automated, AI-supported data analysis.

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