Search and Rescue with Drones

In search and rescue situations, every second counts. This may be preventive risk analysis, or on the ground at fires, accidents and natural disasters.

The use of UAVs brings substantial and invaluable advantages: earlier readiness than manned support from the air, better and quicker overview from above, danger to emergency services is reduced, special sensors enable toxicity and radiation measurement in real time and hence more rapid decision-making by operations controllers in relation to suitable relief efforts.

Search for missing persons: Thermal imaging cameras mounted on UAVs facilitate the search for missing persons following accidents or disasters. In particular, thermal imaging cameras enable safe and rapid searches following avalanches and to locate persons buried in their path.

The deliberate dislodging of snowdrifts using drones contributes to the efficiency of avalanche protection.

Additional applications:

  • forest fires: unmanned aerial systems enable the source of the blaze to be approached extremely closely, making the deployment of suitable measures easier.
  • accidents/disasters
  • natural disasters (distribution of leaflets during evacuations, information to groups of people)
  • landslides
  • flooding, tsunami monitoring
  • border protection
  • evidence gathering (accident analysis, determining the extent of damage and damage compensation).

Our services

As a full service provider we support our customers at every stage,
assisting with requirements definition, procurement of the best airframes and suitable sensor systems, the clarification of legal matters, tailor-made special developments, conducting test flights and operating the drones.

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